Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Upcoming Releases of Useful ASP.NET 2.0 Things

Upcoming Releases of Useful ASP.NET 2.0 Things: "A few people have asked me about what else is coming down the road in terms of downloads and other releases for ASP.NET 2.0.  Here is a non-exhaustive brain-dump of a few things coming out in the near future that we've been working on:

- Major Update to the Atlas Project: A pretty significant update to Atlas will be coming out soon.  It adds a number of pretty cool features -- including a lot of additional support to make common Ajax-style scenarios dead-simple with ASP.NET (previous refreshes of Atlas provided a lot of power features -- this refresh drop is also making common scenarios super easy).  It also provides the beginning of really nice integration of Atlas functionality into the server-control model.

- Updated VS 2003 Web Project->VS 2005 Web Site Migration Utility: This adds more support for migrating existing VS 2003 web projects to use the built-in VS 2005 Web-Site project model (specifically it better handles a number of cases we've seen with customers apps since VS 2005 shiped).  Our goal is to ship it this week (maybe as early as Tuesday).

- VS 2005 Web Application Project Refresh: A refresh of the new VS 2005 Web Application Project download will be coming out early next year.  The big feature we are looking to add with the next refresh is suppo"

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