Friday, March 03, 2006

The Information Technician

The Information Technician: "While attending a social event of enterprise architects I was asked (after being introduced) by a respectful CEO 'so Natty, what exactly are you doing for leaving?' usually I'm explaining about EA, EA domains and how I help to align IT to business, but this time I replied 'I'm an Information Technician!'. You could see the puzzle in the man eyes, 'You what?'
I'm an information technician. My job is to shape the way data organized, handled and maintained in the enterprise. My set of tools are business process modeling tools, data modeling tools, applications, systems, infrastructures and my experience. I use my tools to shape IT is such a way that it will fit, as much as it can, to business needs. The same as a dental technician will build dental crown/s that perfectly fit your mouth structure I'll build perfect IT solution that will fit your enterprise.
He smiled and went away, leaving me his business card. 'Give me a call!' he said 'I've got some rotten tooth in my mouth; I think you'll have a lot of work to do'. After a week or so I called that man. 'Ha, you're the information technician' he said. The call went on, but I'll write about it in another time."