Tuesday, September 05, 2006

XML Notepad 2006 (Free utility for editing XML Files)

XML Notepad 2006 (Free utility for editing XML Files): "If found this little utility over the weekend that helps with creating/editing XML files, which I hate having to do by hand. It's a FREE download from Microsoft Downloads.

Here's some of the features:

Tree View synchronized with Node Text View for quick editing of node names and values.
Incremental search (Ctrl+I) in both tree and text views, so as you type it navigates to matching nodes.
Cut/copy/paste with full namespace support.
Drag/drop support for easy manipulation of the tree, even across different instances of XML Notepad and from the file system.
Infinite undo/redo for all edit operations.
In place popup multi-line editing of large text node values.
Configurable fonts and colors via the options dialog.
Full find/replace dialog with support for regex and XPath.
Good performance on large XML documents, loading a 3mb document in about one second.
Instant XML schema validation while you edit with errors and warnings shown in the task list window.
Intellisense based on expected elements and attributes a"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Question of the Week - Validation Code Reuse

Question of the Week - Validation Code Reuse: "Last Friday while out on the ARCast Down Under Tour in Perth Australia someone came up to me with a question about sharing code between the client and server side in an SOA. I have to admit that after 2 weeks on the road with constant presentations I wasn't thinking too clearly and I couldn't remember how to do this. I knew I had done something like this before so here I am 5 miles above the Indian Ocean on my way to Kuala Lumpur and I decided to take this challenge on. Here goes.

Question: How can I share validation logic between server side code and client side code in my SOA?


First off let’s begin with some basics of validation in SOA. The most basic rule of all is that you should validate the content of messages. Never trust client side validation code only because anybody can create an XML message and send it to you. But suppose that you do control the client and the server and you want to share validation code across both of them. Th"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

1GB free photo sharing

share up to 1GB of photo's for free.
you can create private albums (protected with password) or public albums.

a new cool site.

Screencasting Tips for Beginners

Betsy Weber (Chief Evangelist) from "TechSmith Corporation" write an informative article.

watch it at :http://www.presentersuniversity.com/visuals_screencasting.php

(what is screencasting:http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2005/11/16/what-is-screencasting.html)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Analyze .NET assemblies using NDepend

Analyze .NET assemblies using NDepend: " NDepend analyses .NET assemblies of an application and generates reports containing design quality metrics, warnings and diagrams. More on reports in the Sample Reports section.

link: http://www.ndepend.com/

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Castle Project


Visual Studio 2005 Express - FREE!!!

"We are incredibly excited to announce that effective April 19th, 2006, all Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions including Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual J#, Visual C++, and Visual Web Developer Express will be free permanently! " -- http://blogs.msdn.com/danielfe/archive/2006/04/19/579109.aspx

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Information Technician

The Information Technician: "While attending a social event of enterprise architects I was asked (after being introduced) by a respectful CEO 'so Natty, what exactly are you doing for leaving?' usually I'm explaining about EA, EA domains and how I help to align IT to business, but this time I replied 'I'm an Information Technician!'. You could see the puzzle in the man eyes, 'You what?'
I'm an information technician. My job is to shape the way data organized, handled and maintained in the enterprise. My set of tools are business process modeling tools, data modeling tools, applications, systems, infrastructures and my experience. I use my tools to shape IT is such a way that it will fit, as much as it can, to business needs. The same as a dental technician will build dental crown/s that perfectly fit your mouth structure I'll build perfect IT solution that will fit your enterprise.
He smiled and went away, leaving me his business card. 'Give me a call!' he said 'I've got some rotten tooth in my mouth; I think you'll have a lot of work to do'. After a week or so I called that man. 'Ha, you're the information technician' he said. The call went on, but I'll write about it in another time."

Sunday, February 19, 2006

XML for Fun: Building an XSL Transform Tool

XML for Fun: Building an XSL Transform Tool: "Get a jump on your XML development: Michael Campbell shows off his latest XML for Fun project that lets you perform XML transformations on the fly."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Code Snippets for C#

New Code Snippets for C#: " * Application Code Snippets
* Collections and Arrays Code Snippets
* Connectivity Code Snippets
* Crystal Reports Code Snippets
* Database Code Snippets
* Datatypes Code Snippets
* File System Code Snippets
* Math Code Snippets
* Operating System Code Snippets
* Security Code Snippets
* Smart Devices Code Snippets
* Windows Forms Code Snippets
* XML Code Snippets
To download code snippets for all the categories and retain the directory install structure of these snippets, click here.
Tool for write Snippets click here.

How to be a Good Developer or User

How to be a Good Developer or User: " 18 Ways to be a Good Developer, inspired by 20 Ways to be a Good User."

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This week on .NET Rocks! and Mondays

This week on .NET Rocks! and Mondays: ".NET Rocks! - Mark Dunn takes us down the InfoPath

Mark Dunn joins Carl and Richard in the studio for another look at Infopath, framed for .NET developers. Mark, as you may remember, is the first co-host of .NET Rocks! and a good friend of the show.


Mondays #44

Mark Miller outs the PTA lady, Karen gives nerds tips for picking up women, Carl gets a Prius, Mark finds the dumbah among us, and Richard has awesome toys.