Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Apple is Depending on Open Source for Security

Apple is Depending on Open Source for Security: "Apple has stated that they are depending on Open Source to spare OS X the security woes plagued by Microsoft.

The operating system update, due to debut in the first half of 2005, is based on the Unix platform, and Apple executives reckon the open-source nature of the product means it's inherently more secure than certain proprietary offerings.

Bertrand Serlet, senior vice president of software at Apple, said Wednesday that having a greater number of people keeping an eye on source code leads to better software security. 'A lot of security problems derive from the core,' he said. With open-source code, 'thousands of people look at the critical portions of source code and...check those portions are right. It's a major advantage to have open-source code.' (C|net via OSDir)"

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